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Senior Thomas McLaughlin honored with the Love of the Game Award

Senior Thomas McLaughlin honored with the Love of the Game Award

Dave Campbell's Texas Football, the ultimate authority on Texas high school and college football, has joined forces with BODYARMOR this fall to shine a spotlight on the passion and dedication of student-athletes across the Lone Star State. This collaborative effort seeks to recognize and celebrate the outstanding leadership displayed by young athletes who give their all on the field, setting an exceptional example for their teammates. The Love of the Game Award, presented by BODYARMOR, is a testament to the commitment and spirit of these remarkable individuals, and it includes a generous $1,000 scholarship to support their future education endeavors. This award is given to only 10 athletes across the state. 

With great excitement, we announce Senior Thomas McLaughlin was the chosen recipient of the Love of the Game Award and the accompanying $1,000 scholarship presented by BODYARMOR. Thomas McLaughlin exemplifies the qualities that this award seeks to celebrate. His commitment to his team, relentless work ethic, and sportsmanship have not only propelled him to success on the field but have also earned him the respect and admiration of his peers and coaches.

The Love of the Game Award is a distinguished accolade that honors high school football players who consistently demonstrate unwavering commitment, sportsmanship, and leadership on and off the field. These young athletes serve as beacons of inspiration, motivating their teammates and setting a high standard for everyone around them. Their dedication to their sport mirrors their love for the game, making them deserving of this prestigious award.

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