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By utilizing our Skyward Family Access resources, you can be more engaged with your Pirate’s academic progress. For all the resources our district has to offer, and helpful support videos, please visit the Skyward Support page, located under the Technology & Innovation department on our Crandall ISD website. Or visit for questions about information within Skyward Family Access (grades, attendance, etc.).

If you are locked out of Skyward Family Access, you may contact our campus front office or Crandall ISD Technology at 972-427-6000.

Grading Guidelines (All Grade Levels)
Approved grading guidelines for each grade level or course will be communicated to students and their parents by the classroom teacher. These guidelines establish: 
• The minimum number of assignments, projects, and examinations required for each grading period;
• How the student’s mastery of concepts and achievement will be communicated (i.e., letter grades, numerical averages, checklist of required skills, etc.);
• Circumstances under which a student will be allowed to redo an assignment or retake an examination the student originally failed; and
• Procedures for a student to follow after an absence.

The grading handbook for each grade span is located below: 

Please contact your student's campus for questions and concerns.