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End of Year Procedures

Dear Parent/Guardian,

As the current school year ends, we need to remind you of a few items for the upcoming year.

  1. If your child will continue taking medication at school next year, a new medication permission form will be required for the 2022-2023 school year. If your child has no change in a health condition, a new Action Plan will still need to be completed and signed by both you and the doctor. These forms can be located on the district web site under the Health Services Department tab at
  2. All physician notes your child has on file for medications or medical conditions/needs for the current school year are invalid after the last day of this school year. If your child requires special accommodations, a new doctor’s note will need to be provided for the new upcoming school year.
  3. District policy requires a physician order and written parental permission on ALL prescription and over-the-counter medications.  A recently dated pharmacy prescription label will be accepted as the physician’s order.  If your medication does not have a pharmacy label, a doctor’s note will be required.  ALL medication must be in the original container. 
  4. Any medication that your child has brought to school this year will need to be picked up by an authorized adult by the last day of this school year (May 26, 2022).  You may pick up medication(s) prior to the last day. All campuses will be disposing of their unclaimed medications at 1:00pm. Please note that NO medications will be released to a student for return home. THERE ARE NO EXCEPTIONS.

It has been a pleasure caring for your children this year.  Have a Safe and Fun Summer!

Thank you,

Crandall ISD Health Services


Crandall High School 972-427-6150 Ext. 5308          Crandall Middle School 972-427-6080 Ext. 5604

Dietz Elementary 972-427-6050 Ext. 5716                 Walker Elementary 972-427-6030 Ext. 5404

Wilson Elementary 972-427-6040 Ext. 5213              Martin Elementary 972-427-6020 Ext. 5104

Noble Reed Elementary 972-427-6060 Ext. 4012     Compass Academy 972-427-6100 Ext. 5960