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Attendance Zone

Crandall ISD serves students who live within the District's attendance zone. Your child’s permanent, primary residence must be in Crandall ISD to attend CISD Schools.  Residence requires living in the district and having the present intention to remain there. Crandall ISD does not accept out-of-district transfers or fees to enroll out-of-district students.

Attendance zones are reviewed each year in Crandall ISD to determine whether modifications are required for the following school year. Changes are made to effectively utilize space and balance enrollment in existing schools, as well as draw attendance zones for any new schools opening the following year. Several considerations are factored, including student safety, walk zones, transportation, class size, projected demographics, etc.

Approved 2023-24 Zones found here

At the January 2023 school board meeting, proposed changes to one attendance zone were presented to Trustees. Prior to the meeting, the demographic team worked to evaluate how to best balance campus enrollment while impacting the least amount of students possible. The proposal impacts 500 students who will have a shorter walk to school and no longer cross a main thoroughfare in the Heartland subdivision.

Opal Smith Elementary                             

  • With the opening of CISD’s new Elementary (Opal Smith), some students who currently attend Dietz Elementary are being rezoned to the new campus
  • The rezone will utilize Hometown Blvd. as the boundary for students attending Dietz Elementary and Smith Elementary.
  • This will eliminate the need for students to cross Hometown Blvd., which is a main thoroughfare through the Heartland subdivision

Approved 2023-24 Maps



  • First day of school: August 15, 2023