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Mental Heath

Consent to Provide a Mental-Health Care Service

The district will not provide a mental health care service to a student or conduct a medical screening of a student as part of the district’s intervention procedures except as permitted by law. The district has established procedures to recommend interventions to a parent for a student with early warning signs of mental health concerns, substance abuse, or suicide risk. The district’s mental health liaison will notify the student’s parents within a reasonable amount of time after the liaison learns that a student has displayed early warning signs and provide information about available counseling options. The district requires campus counselors to notify the mental health liaison, Katrina Spottsville, regarding students needing intervention.

The district will provide four free mental health sessions through Tele-Behavioral Health Services and Texas Children’s Hospital once consent has been received by parents or guardians. The parents' consent will be required for students to receive this virtual support for mental health services. If you have any questions regarding this service, please reach out to your campus counselor.

Crandall ISD Coordinator of Social-Emotional Learning, Katrina Spottsville, serves as the District Mental Health Liaison. The mental health liaison can provide further information regarding these procedures and educational materials on identifying risk factors, accessing resources for treatment or support on and off-campus, and accessing available student accommodations offered on campus.

For more information, see FFEB(LEGAL) and FFB(LEGAL) in policy.

District Mental Health Liaison: Katrina Spottsville
Coordinator of Social-Emotional Learning
972-427-6000 X61306