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January 7

Hello, Pirates.

While our students enjoyed their last days of Winter Break this week, our staff returned to work. CDC also changed some guidance that we want to share. We have all seen the spike in Covid cases nationwide during our time away from school. According to CDC research, this Omicron variant is being transmitted earlier in the course of illness than previous strands and the group has adjusted guidelines to reflect that change. CISD has adjusted its Covid protocols as well, based on this CDC advisement:

Positive test results

  • Individuals who test positive should isolate 5 days away from school and work
  • After isolating 5 days, individuals can return to CISD if they are asymptomatic or if their symptoms are resolving (without fever for 24 hours)
  • Upon return, a mask should be worn 5 additional days to minimize further exposure. If a mask is not feasible, the isolation period should extend to 10 days away from CISD

Exposure to a confirmed positive case

  • As has been CISD’s practice this year, students and staff are not required to quarantine following an exposure but should closely monitor for symptoms  
  • If symptoms occur, individuals should immediately quarantine until a negative test confirms symptoms are not attributable to Covid
  • If anyone is exposed, it is best practice to have a Covid test on Day 5 after an exposure 

Additionally, if someone in your household receives a positive Covid test result, everyone in the household is considered to have experienced a persistent exposure. Anyone in this situation will be required to follow the “Household Confirmed Cases” guidance in the district’s Covid protocols.

These updates have been worked into the district’s Health & Safety Protocols web page. More regarding the CDC’s advisement is available in its Dec. 27 update.

Please remember we need your help reporting positive cases. If your student has tested positive within the past 10 days, please contact their campus nurse and report that diagnosis. The district’s Covid testing continues for students and staff Monday-Friday, 4-6 p.m. at CISD’s Compass Academy. Before testing, complete this consent form, along with the organization access code L75XDT.

Our district has stressed health and safety from the outset and will continue encouraging everyone to be proactive—both in promotion and practice—as we work through this latest increase. Masks are encouraged, just as they have been since school began, and will be available if needed. We will also keep you updated with testing and vaccination news as additional opportunities are created.


Chris Moore
Chief Communications Officer