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Students with Disabilities
Admission, review, and dismissal (ARD) committees will make instructional and assessment decisions for students with disabilities who receive special education services in accordance with state law.

Upon the recommendation of the ARD committee, a student with a disability who receives special education services may be permitted to graduate under the provisions of his or her individualized education program (IEP) and in accordance with state rules.

A student who receives special education services may earn an endorsement under the foundation program. If the student’s curriculum requirements for the endorsement were modified, the student’s ARD committee will determine whether the modified curriculum is sufficiently rigorous to earn the endorsement. The ARD committee must also determine whether the student must perform satisfactorily on an end-of-course assessment to earn an endorsement.

A student who receives special education services and has completed four years of high school but has not met the requirements of their IEP may participate in graduation ceremonies and receive a certificate of attendance. The student may then remain enrolled to complete the IEP and earn their high school diploma but will only be allowed to participate in one graduation ceremony. [See policy FMH(LEGAL) for more information.]