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The Crandall ISD Dyslexia Program uses a structured, sequential, explicit approach to teaching reading, spelling, and writing skills as an intervention for learners identified with dyslexia. Additional components to the program support comprehension and fluency. In partnership with parents, teachers, and administrators, we will provide all students identified, research-based instruction and academic support to prepare them to be successful, lifetime readers and writers.

Dyslexia is a reading disorder marked by difficulty in learning to read, write, and/or spell despite conventional instruction, adequate cognitive ability, and social opportunity. Difficulties are typically rooted in phonological awareness (phonemic awareness & manipulation), word reading in isolation, fluency (rate & accuracy), and spelling. Difficulties are unexpected in relation to the student’s age and educational level, and not a primary result of English language acquisition.

Please contact your classroom teacher and campus testing coordinator if you would like to request a dyslexia evaluation for your student.