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Current Bid Opportunities

Proposals being done through the District's eBidding site can be located on the CISD e-bid portal by clicking on the Crandall ISD icon below.


You will need to complete the Supplier Registration first, if your company has not already done so, to be able to access the proposal.  Once your registration has been activated, you will be able to log in to view the document and respond if you choose.


Senate Bill 9 (SB9)

The information regarding the requirements for conducting a criminal records check is posted on The Texas Department of Public Safety's website by clicking open Crime Records and reading School District Guide to Senate Bill 9.  The cost for each criminal records check is approximately $100.00.  

Conflict of Interest Questionnaire/Statement 

This questionnaire is to be filed in accordance with chapter 176 of the Local Government Code by a person doing business with a governmental entity.

  • FORM CIQ: Conflict of Interest Questionnaire to be completed by vendor (Adopted 1/1/2021)

  • FORM CIS: Conflict of Interest Statement to be completed by Crandall ISD employee (Adopted 8/17/2020)

A person commits an offense if the person violates Section 176.006, Local Government Code. An offense under this section is a Class C misdemeanor. By law, this questionnaire must be filed with the records administrator of the local government not later than the 7th business day after the date the person becomes aware of facts that require the statement to be filed. See Section 176.006, Local Government Code.

House Bill 914 Disclosure Requirements