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Health & Safety Protocols

A doctor's note for a Covid diagnosis is required for an excused absence.

Beginning July 29, 2022 the CDC is classifying Covid as a communicable disease, joining other illnesses such as strep throat, flu, common cold and pink eye. County health authorities no longer require weekly updates from CISD at this time.

With this adjustment, CISD will employ these practices as school begins:

  • An electronic form will be accessible through district and campus websites, principal newsletters and QR codes
  • Parents and staff will self-report and submit the electronic form below for a “Covid-related illness.”
  • Report will generate to campus nurses and CISD Health Services

Guidelines for “Covid-related illness” on the form are explained two ways:

  • Exposure : No quarantine required, but guidance remains to monitor symptoms up to 14 days
  • Positive: CDC and TEA require five-day isolation from first day of symptoms and fever-free 24 hours

Link to self-reporting covid form for positive test results

Click to open and print