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LPAC Committee Process

 TEA Language Proficiency Assessment Committee Resources

Each school will form an LPAC committee. All members of the LPAC must be trained to perform the duties of the committee according to state guidelines. All members of the LPAC must observe all laws and rules governing confidentiality of information concerning individual students.

Duties of the Language Proficiency Assessment Committee
The LPAC reviews all pertinent information on each English Learner (EL) at the time of initial enrollment and at the end of each school year, places students in the appropriate program, and monitors the progress of EL and former EL students according to the following guidelines:

The LPAC designates, subject to written parental approval, placement of each EL receiving Bilingual/ESL services. Initial placement must be accomplished within four weeks of enrollment.

The LPAC facilitates participation of EL students in other special programs for which they qualify (GT, SPED, 504). A member of the LPAC must serve on the ARD (Admission, Review, and Dismissal) Committee of each EL student who qualifies for special education services.

The LPAC classifies EL students as English proficient and recommends their exit from the ESL program based on state established criteria.