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Complaints & Concerns

For more information and clarification on complaints and concerns, refer to Crandall ISD Board Policy FNG — Student Rights and Responsibilities: Student and Parent Complaints/Grievances.

STEP ONE: Contact Appropriate School Staff Member
 The most direct route to resolving a concern or issues is for parents/guardians to first conference directly with the involved party (teacher, coach, etc.).
 More than 95% of concerns are resolved through a conversation between those involved.

STEP TWO: Contact Campus Administrators
 Campus administrators are responsible for the school’s operations.
 Clarification of school policies and procedures can be explained.
 If necessary, conferences with involved parties can be arranged and a suitable solution can be reached.

STEP THREE: Contact Administration Services Office
 If steps one and two have not resolved your concern, Maresa Bailey, Executive Director of School Leadership, should be contacted at 972-427-6000 
 The District Administration Services Office will refer each complaint to the campus if the appropriate staff member and campus administrator have not been contacted.
 A formal meeting with all involved parties can be arranged in an effort to reach a resolution. RESOLUTION: Communication
 A resolution will be communicated via telephone conference, email, or meeting.
 Results of the meeting will be emailed to all parties.

Formal Complaint Process-Level One
 Level One – If you have gone through the previous informal steps of problem-solving and have not met a satisfactory conclusion, you may then move into the formal process by filing the following:
o Complaint received at the campus level within 15 days of incident.
o Campus Investigation based on report and hold a conference with the complainant within 10 days. o The original complaint form must be completed.
o Seek resolution at lowest level. o Response in writing set forth basis of decision within 10 days.

Formal Complaint Process – Level Two
 Level One decision (s) may be appealed to District Administration Services Office only after the process has been followed and written appeal received within 10 days of the decision. A conference will be set within 10 days of notice. All information is limited to the Level One issue.
 Written response within 10 days regarding decision at Level Two.

Contact School Board
 The Crandall ISD school board can be contacted by requesting a hearing through the superintendent’s office.  The Crandall ISD Board of Trustees serves as an appeal body in resolving disputes.

Formal Complaint Process – Level Three
 The level two decision may be appealed to the Board of Trustees.
 Written appeal must occur within 10 days of the level two response.
 Time, date, and location will be provided to complainant.
 All records will be included from Levels One and Two.
 The Board will hear the complaint; but, may not respond which upholds the administrative decision at level two.

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