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Social Media Guidelines & Policy

“Electronic media” includes all forms of social media such as text messaging, instant messaging, electronic mail (e-mail), Web logs (blogs), electronic forums (chat rooms), video-sharing Web sites (e.g. YouTube), editorial comments posted on the Internet, and social network sites (e.g. Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn). Electronic media also includes all forms of telecommunications such as landlines, cell phones, and Web-based applications.

“Communicate” means to convey information and includes a one-way communication as well as a dialogue between two or more people. A public communication by an employee that is not targeted at students (e.g., a posting on the employee’s personal social network page or a blog) is not a communication; however, the employee may be subject to CISD regulations or guidelines on personal electronic communications. Unsolicited contact from a student through electronic means is not a communication.