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Request to Distribute Non-School Literature

The preferred method of requesting and advertising non-school literature is through our community advertisement website: The Pirate Post. The Pirate Post is intended as a resource for Crandall ISD families. Use this website to learn about activities, events and other programs available for your child within the CISD community. Opportunities do not fall under the jurisdiction of Crandall ISD; links are provided for your convenience and are not an endorsement.

If not using The Pirate Post (above) all other requests to distribute non-school literature may be sent in an email to Amanda Roberts, Director of Communications & Special Projects, at, or in person at the Crandall ISD Administration Building located at 400 W Lewis St., Crandall, TX, 75114. Please be sure to include or attach a copy of the literature you wish to distribute.

The below guidelines are procedures and practices of the District regarding GKDA (LEGAL) and GKDA (LOCAL) policies. For information on the distribution of non-school literature by students, please refer to FNAA (LOCAL) policy.

Procedural Guidelines for Distribution of Non-School Literature by External Organizations

The District’s classrooms during the school day are provided for the limited and specific purpose of delivering instruction to students in the courses and subjects in which they are enrolled. Hallways in school buildings are provided for the purpose of facilitating movement of students. Classrooms and hallways shall not be used for the distribution of any materials over which the school does not exercise control or has not approved to be distributed in this manner.

All written materials intended for distribution on District property shall be submitted for prior review and approval to the Communications Department; including using our district online platform: The Pirate Post.  All requests must include the name of the organization or individual sponsoring the literature intended to be distributed. Within five (5) school days from the time the request is made, the District shall provide a written approval or denial to the organization requesting to distribute non-school literature on a campus (this includes publishing the literature on The Pirate Post. 

The District will consider for approval informational flyers and materials for handing out that:

  • promote civic and community-wide meetings, events, and/or activities sponsored by a municipality,
  • promote a meeting, event, and/or activity that is free, serves an educational, civic and/or community purpose, and is sponsored at a District facility by an external or affiliated group, and/or
  • provide a free item, product, and/or service with no obligation to purchase a product, service, or other item that would promote a for-profit organization.

The District does provide direct access to students or staff by a for-profit venture for sales and marketing purposes ONLY through The Pirate Post which requires a for-profit fee. 

Following this practice, the District will not consider for approval informational flyers and/or other materials for handing out that: 

  • promote a for-profit event, meeting, activity, product, and/or service, and/or 
  • promote discounts or buy one, get one free promotions that require purchases in order to redeem.

Upon written approval, the organization is responsible for making copies of the information and for delivering copies of the material to all campuses that the organization deems appropriate. Approved material must be delivered to campuses before the approval expiration date noted on the written approval letter. Approval is for a one-time distribution period only. 

The District’s agreement to allow an organization to distribute approved material does not provide nor imply that other privileges and/or additional access to students exist. Additionally, the District does not guarantee delivery of material within a specified timeline. The District will deliver material within a reasonable time period that does not interfere with instruction and/or curriculum delivery. The district will not distribute non-school literature during the first two or last two weeks of the school year.

Approval to post meeting or event signs on school District property may be considered by the District if such announcement is for a meeting to be hosted at a school facility and does not conflict with other school meeting/event notices. Organizations receiving approval to post such signs as part of their materials for distribution request must secure the appropriate permits from the appropriate municipality, and must provide a copy of such permit(s) to the District prior to posting any signage. The District may remove and discard signs at their discretion at any time.