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March 4

March 4, 2022

Hello, Pirates.

I appreciate you. Those three words are staples in my vocabulary and what better way to share them than on National Employee Appreciation Day?

We have 750 employees in this district who work every day for our Pirates. We recognize them each month through our Pirates of the Month program—stay tuned next week for March’s winners—but you can now help us, too.

Kudos Corner is something we designed to help highlight all the wonderful things going on throughout the Crandall ISD community—including employee recognitions.  It is located on the district’s website, under the Communications tab. There, you can submit pictures and stories that we can use to highlight the best throughout our district, along with:

  • Student Spotlights
  • Community Spotlights
  • Program Spotlights (ex: Fine Arts, CTE, FFA)
  • Sports Spotlights

Help us recognize the wonderful people who make this district so attractive to so many. I appreciate you all. Have a great weekend.

Pirates forever,

Dr. Wendy Eldredge