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Wellness Wednesday

CISD kicks off Wellness Wednesdays for staff to promote overall health

CISD kicks off Wellness Wednesdays for staff to promote overall health


This year, Crandall ISD introduced Wellness Wednesdays--a weekly initiative where employees are encouraged to participate in some form of a wellness activity, whether it is walking around the building, reading a book or doing a yoga class.

The goal of the program is to encourage staff to do something each week for their mental and physical health. The activities do not need to be intense, they are intended to encourage small steps in the direction of wellness.

According to Katrina Spotsville, CISD’s Social Emotional Learning Coordinator, emotional wellness is just as important as the physical aspect.

“Our mental health impacts our physical health and overall well-being,” Spotsville said. “Someone struggling with mental health issues such as anxiety or depression can find it difficult to maintain focus, find motivation for tasks and relate to others.”

She is hosting “Convos with Katrina,” where she has confidential, informal chats with employees that are designed to support CISD’s front-line workers.

Janna Settles, CISD Coordinator of Nursing, also stressed overall wellness within three specific areas--physical, mental and spiritual.

“Everyone is busy,” Settles said. “It seems like we continue to get busier every week. However, we must take time to take care of ourselves, or we cannot take care of others in our care. By incorporating Wellness Wednesday into our district, we are striving towards overall health for each one of our staff.”

Settles noted that encouragement is key in reaching goals and a combined effort among employees often makes the challenges more enjoyable.