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Veterans Day: Celebrating Those Who Have Served

Veterans Day: Celebrating Those Who Have Served
  • Students

While many students see Veterans day as just another day off, there is much more to it. November 11 is a day to honor all who have served in any U.S. war. Veterans day was first named Armistice Day by President Woodrow Wilson in 1919. Armistice day was filled with parades and celebrations to honor those who served in World War I. As time went on, the United States fought in more wars, and Congress believed that the day should extend to all armed forces and honor those who fought in other US wars. It was in 1954 when legislation passed the act to not only rename the holiday to “Veterans Day”, but also honor every person who fought for the United States in a U.S. war. 

The backbone of our secured rights is the men and women who have fought for our freedom and continue to protect us daily. There are thousands of men and women who chose our country over being at home, safe, with their families. While we are thankful for their sacrifices every day, November 11 is a day to honor solely those who have fought in a U.S. war, those still with us, and those beyond the grave, who made the ultimate sacrifice so we can live in a free United States. 

So while everyone is off on Friday, remember to hug your family tight and thank those who allow for those moments and continuous freedom. Crandall ISD is so thankful for the many veterans in our community and school district. On November 11, we will be celebrating and honoring all veterans. 

  • CJ Zelkovich
  • student worker