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Summer Professional Development Empowers Educators to Ignite Student Success

Summer Professional Development Empowers Educators to Ignite Student Success
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As the summer break is underway, Crandall ISD teachers and staff are taking advantage of professional development opportunities to sharpen their teaching skills and bring creative ideas into their classrooms. Across the district, teachers and staff are participating in workshops, conferences, and collaborative learning experiences to focus on student engagement and innovative teaching strategies.

CISD's professional development learning plan aims to empower teachers with the latest research-based methodologies, technology integration, and content knowledge, equipping them to meet diverse students' needs. Educators recognize the importance of continuous growth and are seizing this opportunity to refine their instructional techniques, strengthen their subject expertise, and foster a positive and inclusive learning environment. This comprehensive plan provides educators with the opportunity to develop their skills and knowledge to better serve their students. Participation in professional development activities allows teachers to stay abreast of the latest trends in education and to better understand the needs of their students. Ultimately, this enables them to create the best learning environment for their students.

One of the popular professional development offerings this summer is the "Innovate Conference," a three-day event spread out through the summer hosted by the district's Curriculum and Instruction Department. June 1, June 8, and July 20th were set aside for learning packed days for teachers and staff. Subject and content educator experts share their expertise and best practices while focusing on high-need topics, critical thinking, and problem-solving skills among students.

Some of the popular sessions focused on behavior management and hands-on learning:

  • "Basic Classroom Management & Strategies for Students with Challenging Behaviors" presented by Jeff Perkins and Dr. Angeline Williams-Jackson
  • "Culturally Responsive Instruction" presented by Dr. Brandon Vestal
  • "Extension Activities: Understanding Instructional Scaffolding" by Toni Gibbs and District Gifted & Talented Teachers

Many other sessions including special education, instructional technology, and trauma-informed practices were a hit among teachers as well. District professionals, instructional coaches, and teacher leaders offered engaging and relevant professional development for Crandall ISD educators. 

Crandall ISD Chief Academic Officer, Dr. Carri Eddy, said, "We believe teachers are the catalysts for transformation in education." "The Innovate Conference provides a platform for educators to collaborate, exchange ideas, and explore innovative approaches that engage students in meaningful ways. We want our teachers to feel inspired and equipped to prepare our students for future challenges."

Summer professional learning is an integral part of teachers' growth and commitment to their craft, Crandall ISD continues to emphasize instructional improvement each year.