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Crandall Middle School Basketball Team builds more than just skills on the court

Crandall Middle School Basketball Team builds more than just skills on the court

Many sports include the throwing, passing, and communication of a ball. However, there is much more that happens—relationships are built, friendships and connections are made, and teammates can create traditions—let’s take a look at some of Crandall Middle School’s basketball traditions.

Each year, the middle school boys’ basketball teams attended a Dallas Mavericks game. This year the boys watched the Mavericks take on the Washington Wizards on Tuesday, January 24, and they had a great time doing so! The Mavericks game is an annual tradition for the basketball program. They attend a game each year toward the end of the season as a reward for their hard work. They eat in downtown Dallas, at El Fenix, for dinner. The boys get to arrive an hour earlier before everyone else and watch the Mavericks warm-up from the courtside seats. The experience is sometimes once in a lifetime! Parents are invited to attend the experience as well, so it's a great source of family bonding and connection.

“These experiences create bonding opportunities between players and us coaches.” said Coach Patrick Luecke, CMS head basketball coach, “It allows us to get to know our players outside of the classroom or court.”

Another great tradition CMS basketball has during the holiday break is getting together for a meal and fun activity—this year the boys head to Cici’s Pizza to fill up and then go bowling at Film Alley.

CISD is so thankful for our students and our coaches who go above and beyond to create opportunities for socialization and relationship-building outside of normal school hours.