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Welcome to Crandall ISD!

You can use this site to find information about enrolling your student in one of our schools – no matter if he or she is new to our District or has previously attended an CISD school.

Crandall ISD serves students who live within the District's attendance zone. Your child’s permanent, primary residence must be in Crandall ISD to attend CISD Schools.  Residence requires living in the district and having the present intention to remain there. Crandall ISD does not accept out-of-district transfers or fees to enroll out-of-district students.

Proof of Residency

Crandall ISD requires families provide proof of residency each year in order to complete the enrollment and registration process. That’s because schools are assigned based on where a student lives. Learn about acceptable proof of residency and how you can submit it each year online.

Education Law for Enrollment

A person who knowingly falsifies information on a form required for enrollment of a student in a school district is liable to the district if the student is not eligible for enrollment in the district but is enrolled on the basis of the false information.  The person is liable, for the period during which the ineligible student is enrolled, for the greater of:

1)    The maximum tuition fee the district may charge under Section 25.038; or

2)    The amount the district has budgeted for each student as maintenance and operating expenses.

Education Code 25.001(h)

 *Crandall does not accept students on a tuition basis 

The parent/legal guardian of a student should start the enrollment process at the Student Services Building located at 300 E. Trunk Street, Crandall, TX 75114.