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Important Message: Gmail and Yahoo Users


It has been announced that Gmail and Yahoo Mail are both implementing security changes globally, beginning February 1st, 2024, that could impact the email delivery of items coming from our district systems. These include attendance/absence/discipline notifications as well as emergency send-outs for bad weather announcements, early closures, and delayed openings.
At this point, we are just making sure all Gmail and Yahoo users are aware that there could be potential disruptions in mail delivery beginning February 1st. These changes were not communicated too far in advance but we are working diligently with our providers to make the changes requested to ensure a smooth transition. Please note that we are dependent upon those providers doing their part as configuration changes are required on both sides of this in a very specific order.  

This issue only affects emails coming from the district to Gmail and Yahoo users and will not impact callouts, SMS text messages, or our website and social media.
See the below links for more information on the changes being made:
Gmail Changes | Yahoo Mail Changes
Thank you for your patience as we work through these changes. We will continue to communicate any additional info as needed. Questions or concerns can be sent via email at

Crandall ISD Technology Department