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Research Study Applicant

Dear Research Study Applicant,

Thank you for your interest in conducting research in the Crandall Independent School District. It is the goal of Crandall ISD to participate in research efforts that will enhance the development of teachers and students in Crandall ISD and education in general.

Each year, CISD receives a significant number of requests to participate in research investigations. While we are eager to participate in research that will enhance the development of our students and/or teachers, it is not feasible or desirable for CISD to participate in every proposed research project. Thus, researchers are required to provide a Research Study Application for proposed research projects that fall within the Guidelines and Regulations Regarding Research adopted by CISD. The Research Study Application is designed to provide the superintendent’s cabinet with sufficient information in order to reach a decision about the appropriateness of CISD participation in the research project. Your application will be evaluated based on its thoroughness, clarity of purpose, potential benefit(s) to students/teachers, soundness of research design, appropriateness of instruments, and practicality of time involvement.

Complete all requested information. Because research participation decisions are based on the information provided in the application, include as much detail as possible. Provide three (3) hard copies of the completed application to the Curriculum department at one of the addresses noted above. Decisions regarding CISD participation will be made in approximately four to six weeks from receipt of the completed application. Approved research projects are required to submit an electronic copy of the reported results to Curriculum department.

Questions about the application process and/or application materials should be directed to the Chief Academic Officer in the Curriculum department at 972-427-6000 x60022.

Again, thank you for your interest. We look forward to receiving your research application.

Superintendent’s Cabinet

Research Study Application