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An endorsement is a set of courses that allows a student to learn more about a particular area of interest. Students are required to complete a certain number of courses to earn credit towards their endorsement. Often times, these courses will be counted as an elective for the purpose of the student's graduation requirements.

House Bill 5 passed by the Texas Legislature during the 2013-2014 school year requires school districts to provide instruction to learners in grades seven or eight in preparing for high school, college, and career. CISD middle school  students are provided the opportunity to explore their personal passions, complete career interest inventories, and research colleges of their choice. 

All incoming ninth-graders must select an endorsement based on their career interests and goals to complete the required credits for graduation.

The five Endorsements students may choose from are:

Business and Industry  Public Services  STEM  Arts and Humanities  Multidisciplinary

Career & Technical Education Career and Technical Education (CTE) in CISD empower learners to explore their passions, plan for post-secondary opportunities, and impact the world.