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State & Federal Grants Manual

The district has established fiscal procedures that apply to all financial transactions regardless of the funding source. Procedures that relate directly and/or indirectly to federal and state grant compliance are indicated with a (†). A separate section in this Manual will include specific procedures related to acquiring, expending, and managing grant funds.

In accordance with School Board Policy, BP Local, the Superintendent and administrative staff shall be responsible for developing and enforcing procedures for the operation of the District. These procedures shall constitute the administrative regulations of the District and shall consist of guidelines, handbooks, manuals, forms, and any other documents defining standard operating procedures. The Superintendent shall approve this State and Federal Grants Manual on an annual basis, or as appropriate, if federal, state or local changes in regulations or policy warrant immediate changes. Administrative regulations are subject to Board review but shall not be adopted by the Board. [Refer to BP Local]

State & Federal Grant Manual

covid-19 supplement to state & Federal grants manual