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ACT Assessment

The ACT is a standardized test designed to measure high school students’ general educational development and their ability to complete college-level work. The questions on the ACT test the core subjects that students typically study through their third year of high school (English, reading, mathematics, and science). The test is accepted by all U.S. colleges and universities. 

Test Format

The ACT consists of four individual multiple-choice tests:

  • English (45 minutes, 75 total questions)
  • Mathematics (60 minutes, 60 total questions)
  • Reading (35 minutes, 40 total questions)
  • Science (35 minutes, 40 total questions)

The ACT Plus Writing also features an optional 30-minute Writing Test.

Actual testing time is 2 hours and 55 minutes (3 hours and 25 minutes with the optional Writing Test) but students should be prepared to spend between 4 and 5 hours in the testing facility, including administration instructions and breaks


ACT Test Dates & Deadlines
ACT Test Date Registration Deadline ACT Scores Available
September 10, 2016 Aug. 5, 2016 Sept. 20, 2016
October 22, 2016 Sept. 16, 2016 Nov. 8, 2016
December 10, 2016 Nov. 4, 2016 Dec. 20, 2016
February 11, 2017 Jan. 13, 2017 Feb. 22, 2017
April 8, 2017 Mar. 3, 2017 Apr. 18, 2017
June 10, 2017 May 5, 2017 Jun. 20, 2017

What to bring on test day

To gain admission on test day the students must present:

1). Their admission ticket

2.) Acceptable ID (name must match the name on the admission ticket)

                Driver license

                School photo ID


                Military ID

Don’t forget your calculator.  The test center will not be able to provide a calculator on the day of testing.  Check the calculator rules to assure you have an acceptable calculator.

Pencils – regular number 2 pencils.  Do not bring mechanical pencils.  Mechanical pencils can run the risk of not being read by the scoring machines.