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Official CISD Social Media

Social Media Guidelines for Staff: Crandall ISD recognizes the importance of using social media as a communication and learning tool. The purpose of these guidelines is to assist district employees in navigating the appropriate use of social media tools. These guidelines are specific to social media but are not exclusive and are in addition to standards outlined in the Educators’ Code of Ethics. Social media includes any form of online publication where users post or engage in conversation and includes blogs and social networks. Failure to adhere to these guidelines could be cause for disciplinary action.


All staff are expected to serve as positive ambassadors for the District and appropriate role models for students. It is vital that staff maintain professionalism in their interaction with students and the community, whether in person or online.


Social Media Classroom & Extracurricular Use: Social media networks are powerful teaching and communication tools that can add significant value to classroom instruction. Teachers may use social media tools where appropriate in addressing an educational goal of the classroom. Social media is also used by coaches, advisors, sponsors, etc. to communicate and interact with parents and students. Social media may be used for classroom and extracurricular use under these guidelines:

* Inform your supervisor (or designee) when creating social networks for classroom use and make sure parents are aware of the use and educational purpose.

* Use District contact information for creating and maintaining accounts.

* Abide by the user guidelines as set by the respective social media site.

* Be proactive by stating clearly that the account you create is the official account of the program or class.

* Treat the social media account and interactions like a classroom. Monitor carefully the interactions between student and deal with inappropriate use immediately.

* FERPA clearance must be checked for any student photo or video posting.

*Consult with the district communications department if further guidance is needed.


Social Media Etiquette:

1. You are Always a Crandall ISD Employee 

*Internal school discussions or specific information about students or other staff is confidential. 

* Keep the line between personal and professional clear.  Use your professional social media account for professional use and your personal account for personal use. 

2. Be Professional 

*Represent the values of Compassion, Character, and Community at all times. 

*If you make a mistake, admit it and correct it quickly.  Clearly state if you have corrected a previous post. 

*Be cautious about posting video.  Video often tells more than you might realize.  The video you post will be viewed by the world. 

3. Respect Others and Ensure the Safety of Students at all times. 

*You are responsible for what you post, so be certain it is accurate and supports your classroom or program.  If you are about to post something that makes you hesitate, wait a day and talk to your supervisor.  Once you post, you cannot take it back. 

*Do not post pictures of students without checking FERPA. 

*As an employee who engages students in social media, you have the responsibility for monitoring the content and addressing appropriate behavior or activity, including the protection and safety of students. 

4. Manage Staff/Student Relationships Carefully 

*Employees are prohibited from establishing personal relationships with students that are unprofessional and thereby inappropriate. Do not fraternize with students as though they are your peers or friends. 

5. Help build our Crandall ISD Community 

*A district’s most valuable asset is its staff and what you publish reflects on the district, school, and its programs. 

*Posts should be well written with proper grammar, capitalization, and punctuation. 

*Post regularly.  Readers will not have a reason to follow you on social media if they cannot expect new content regularly. Answer questions, thank people, and post accolades, even if it’s just a few words.  Make it a two-way conversation. 

*Follow or Like other district social media accounts.