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Accountability and Assessments

Crandall ISD administers a variety of assessments for students. Information on each assessment can be found here.
Directory of Accountability, Assessment, and Instructional Team
Central Office
Emily Christensen - Director of Accountability and Assessment 
x: 5826
Monica Aspegren - District Assessment Coordinator
x: 5821
Dietz Elementary
Dana Metz - Instructional Coach
x: 5714
John Donnelly - Campus Testing Coordinator
x: 5744
Noble Reed Elementary
Danielle Moore - Instructional Coach
x: 4030
Laura Stauffer - Campus Testing Coordinator
x: 4022
Martin Elementary
Alek Turner - Instructional Coach
x: 5119
Catrina Jones - Campus Testing Coordinator
x: 5157
Walker Elementary
Marisa Curtis - Instructional Coach
x: 5427
Karmen Parker - Campus Testing Coordinator
x: 5459
Wilson Elementary
Amanda Roberts - Instructional Coach
x: 5257
Melissa Sanders - Campus Testing Coordinator
x:  5459
Crandall Middle School
Christy Cary - Instructional Coach
x: 5607
Tabitha Grady - Campus Testing Coordinator
x: 5616
Crandall High School
Whitney Coppinger - Associate Principal
x: 5306
Karen Hemi - Campus Testing Coordinator
x: 5316