Facility Rental and Usage

Facility Rental and Usage

Crandall ISD may make its facilities available to community groups and youth groups primarily serving CISD residents. School board policies and regulations are adopted governing the use of school facilities for activities beyond district events.


If an organization wants to use CISD facilities, it must complete the Facility Use Agreement. Electronic copy is available below. Paper copy is available at the CISD Athletic office. Once submitted, the application will be forwarded to appropriate district personnel for review and processing. Contact Diane Lawley at 972-427-6150, ext. 5307, or dlawley@crandall-isd.net for information regarding athletic facility usage regulations and rates.


All forms must be completed and returned with rental deposit before the rental agreement becomes effective. Please note that school board-approved rental locations and rates may vary.


Track Hours

The CISD track is available to the public 6-8 p.m. Monday-Friday. During Daylight Saving time, the track is available 5-6:30 p.m. Monday-Friday. These hours allow access to the public while also ensuring the track and field are secured for CISD students participating in before-school, after-school and weekend activities.


Track access on mornings and weekends was recently stopped after litter and pet waste became an ongoing issue following those access periods.