Crandall Alternative Center Becomes Compass Academy

Crandall ISD’s commitment to character, compassion, and community, guides the paths we select and decisions we make with regards to preparing our students, staff, and community for the voyage ahead.  The opportunities presented through our alternative education programs are no exception. Each procedure, expectation, interaction, and relationship is oriented toward discovering what is best for our students now and in their future and directing those discoveries and dreams in ways that produce tangible outcomes. 

Highly successful organizations are skilled in the art of capturing and embracing their vision.  In hopes to both succinctly and powerfully describe the essence of our purpose, we, at what is currently described as the Crandall Alternative Center, would like to proudly announce the campus campus name change to Crandall COMPASS Academy. 

The name aligns with the motto, “Preparing for the voyage ahead,” but it captures so much more.  COMPASS stands for Center for Opportunities in Mastery, Personal-growth, Achievement, and Student Success.  The author, J. R. R. Tolkien, wrote, “Not all those that wander are lost.”  While students who opt for STARS (the credit acceleration program on our campus) have not selected what would be considered the traditional educational route, as educators, we are charged with the responsibility of tapping into the potential of each and every one of our students and nurturing those energies into skills and abilities which will lead their paths to and beyond accomplishments that they never before imagined. 

The COMPASS title is intended to describe the campus, as a whole, not as a replacement name for the two programs housed on our campus, the District Alternative Education Placement or DAEP, and the STARS program.  These are two separate alternative academic settings with distinct differences and expectations.  By changing the name of our campus, students who elect to join our STARS program can have a sense of pride when answering the question, “What school do you attend?”  Crandall COMPASS Academy identifies our campus as an educational setting truly committed to the vision and mission of our district and community.