2020-21 School Year Update: CISD set to begin on original school start date of August 18

June 18, 2020

While COVID-19 has produced thousands of questions with no answers for school districts across Texas, one thing is clear in Crandall ISD — school will not begin earlier than the originally approved start date of August 18.

“Our goal is to maintain as much normalcy as possible for our teachers, parents and students” said Dr. Wendy Eldredge, CISD superintendent. “Beginning early would not accomplish that and our community agrees. Since March, everyone has adjusted quickly to drastic changes — both personally and professionally. Accelerating the start date in a normal year would be challenging enough. Doing so this year would add to frustrations.”

The community agreement Eldredge refers to regarding an on-time start date was confirmed through a recent parent survey. Feedback gathered from the Curriculum & Instruction Dept. gave high marks on district initiatives and implementation with at-home learning throughout the spring. Conversation also indicated that neither parents, nor teachers, want an earlier start date to the year.

“Our parents and staff still want to return on the August 18 date approved last spring by Trustees,” Eldredge said. “That is something I have heard time and again from the groups I have talked with.”

One area that remains in flux for CISD is the same for hundreds of districts across Texas — the return-to-school plan.

The state announced today that schools can re-open in the fall and that masks would not be required, but districts continue waiting on the Texas Education Agency to announce key decisions on school funding and COVID-19 guidelines.

But CISD is being proactive and continues making contingency plans in the interim.

“Our situation here is no different than what the other districts throughout Texas are facing,” Eldredge said. “The options we all have for re-opening are in-person learning, virtual learning or a hybrid of both. We received lots of insight from our families through the at-home learning survey and are using that as a blueprint to map what parents want within the state guidelines, once those are announced.

“Until then, we will keep working on several versions. Parent input will be an important part of the process. Communication is key and we will work with our parents at every juncture.”