Black History Month Spotlight: Chris Henderson

Feb. 27, 2020

What personal passions motivate you?
I am motivated by my will to stay true to myself and to also be there for the ones around, such as my friends and family. I am geared to be on a path of success toward my life goals, but I will always motivate my friends to continue with their goals, even if they don’t get the same motivation at home.

What is one childhood lesson that you still carry with you?
This saying has stuck with me for years — “How can you expect change when your mouth stays closed?” I have learned that there won’t be any change if you don’t speak up. Furthermore, I learned to stay persistent in what I believe in.

Who are your role models?
My role model is my brother, along with my life experiences. My brother has been there for me even through times I didn’t want him to, and my past is what has molded me.

What are you most proud of in your life?
I am most proud of my best friendships. We always have each other’s backs even through the tough times. We strive for success and live life how we like, and do not let anyone else influence us away from what we believe.

You have dinner with one famous person. Who and why?
If I had dinner with one famous person it would be anyone who is helping the community or the people around them. For example, Bill Pulte. He is a philanthropist and gives money to people who are in need, no matter their background. He essentially started Twitter Philanthropy.