Black History Month Spotlight: Jason Bowie

Feb. 21, 2020

What personal passions brought you to education?
I was blessed with fantastic music teachers starting from an early age all the way through college. Seeing what they could get us to accomplish each and every year was amazing and I always wanted to be part of that. Beyond music I've had great teachers everywhere that molded me and my personality. My 3rd-grade teacher Mrs. Blackwell encouraged me to pursue creative writing by allowing me to read to our class the stories I wrote. She even had me put them in the library to be “checked out.” Another was my neighbor who always worked in his garage listening to his “Legends of the Fall” and “Last of the Mohicans” soundtracks loudly enough for me to hear them while I played basketball. That inspired in me a love of instrumental movie music. Also, my dad and his very sharp wit and sarcastic sense of humor helped me develop my own.

What is one childhood lesson that you still carry with you to this day?
Speaking of my dad, he gave me a little plaque when I was younger that I hung over my bed and it resonated with me forever. It read, “The Greatest Ability, is Dependability.” I have never forgotten that. I try to live and work in a way that everyone knows, if I say I will do something I will do it to the best of my ability.

Who were your role models as a child?
I guess this one is probably obvious, but my dad for sure. I learned a lot about not just being a man, but about being a decent human being from him. OK, my dad and He-Man. “I have the power!” Come on, who can't get behind that? Professionally it would have to be my high school band director, Scott Coulson.

What are you most proud of in your life or career?
Probably the students that I started in either elementary school or beginning band that have gone on to become solid musicians in their own right. Or, even if they didn't go into music but kept it part of their lives as they continued down a different career path, it’s still awesome to see.

You have dinner with one famous person. Who and why?
This is an incredibly difficult question to pick just one. I think if I had to choose only one it would have to be John Williams. I would want to know what his thought process was when he came up with such iconic movie themes like Jaws, ET, Superman, Jurassic Park, Harry Potter, etc.

Why did you choose Crandall ISD?
That's easy. In my interview, John Nutt made me feel as though the band staff would be a family when we worked together, and he couldn't have been more correct. I feel honored to call these people not only my coworkers, but my friends. Couple that with the fact that my high school band director also put in a good word for me and there you go.

Jason's photography portfolio is available here.