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October 21

Good evening, Pirates.

If you ask anyone to name a few things that come to mind when thinking about school, there are always common responses. Teachers, recess, school buses, recess, lunch, recess. But there is one piece of a school that can sometimes go unmentioned simply because it is always there, always stable, always guiding, always balancing, always supporting and always managing whatever arises during the course of a day—the principal.

Each day, principals drive instruction, evaluate teachers and communicate with families. They make sure their custodians have what is needed to keep the building clean. They make sure their bus drivers have what is needed to get students in the right place at the right time. They make sure doors are locked. They make sure lawns and grounds are neat and kept. And above all, they make sure that all these things are done for one big reason—students.

October is National Principals Appreciation Month and in Crandall ISD, we have nine principals who take on that incredible responsibility each day. And many times, when it looks like that day is done, they have the added assignment of being a community diplomat or meeting attendee before going home to their own families.

I am always impressed with how our principals balance all these tasks, and many more, for our students to succeed. But I am not the only one—take a look below at the video of CISD teachers and students expressing their appreciation for our principals. On behalf of our Pirate community, thank you all.

Pirates forever,

Dr. Wendy Eldredge
CISD Superintendent

Click picture to watch video