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November 5

November 5, 2021

Good evening, Pirates.

What a wonderful week it has been for community in Crandall ISD.

Tuesday, our Long-Range Facilities Planning Committee held its second meeting where the group elected three chairs to help with portions of the remaining meetings and ultimately report the committee’s findings to the school board. Members also learned of the district’s transition plan to effectively use 2017 bond funds for growth needs, studied the future of our finances and any potential bond elections, and also began “dreaming big” by sharing wants and needs for our Pirates and staff.

Career and Technical Education was the most popular area receiving support. Technology also received some attention, along with safety and security, a fine arts complex and a high school stadium. But one theme rang true as each table shared its list—our students are loved and our teachers are valued. Thank you to everyone who has answered our call and contributed to this committee. If you have not, there is still time.

Meetings are in the CISD Administration Building and at least two remain. Light dinner is served from 6-6:30 p.m. Presentations will follow until 8 p.m. Remaining dates are:

  • Thursday, Nov. 18
  • Monday, Dec. 6

This week also marked the first time we opened our lunchrooms to families since March 2020, bringing back one of the most enjoyed traditions in all of school. Families have been absent from lunch since Covid mitigation began taking shape across our country 20 months ago. With case numbers decreasing and more vaccinations available, campuses will now welcome moms, dads and guardians two days a week. Campus newsletters have more information specific to your campus.

Our CISD community is strong and is only getting stronger. The more we can come together and connect through the work of our CISD committees—and learn more about one another in the process—the better we can shape a future for our Pirates. And please remember to use our online Let’s Connect feature so your questions get the correct answers.

Have a great weekend.

Pirates forever,

Dr. Wendy Eldredge
Superintendent, Crandall ISD