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Teacher Highlight: Cindy Najera

Teacher Highlight: Cindy Najera
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The cosmetology program is relatively new to Crandall and has been filled with students since the first year. As the students complete the course, they also complete their cosmetology license. The students have gone on many excursions to show off their beauty skills. The cosmetology class would not be possible without their instructor, Ms. Cindy Najera. She has grown each of the students, as well as the program, into what they are today. I was able to ask her a few questions about herself as well as what magic happens in her classroom. 

Q: What led you to teach? 

Ms. Najera: My cosmetology instructor encouraged me to come back to get my cosmetology instructor license so that I could teach.

Q: What is your favorite thing about what you teach?

Ms. Najera: I love to teach the students about hair coloring. I teach them the color wheel, how to apply color, and how to highlight. They love it and it's fun!

Q: How would you describe what goes on in your classroom? 

Ms. Najera: We have theory almost every morning, usually followed by a quiz from the previous day's lesson. I want to make sure they understand. Then we go to the lab to do hands-on work or take clients. 

Q: What are your plans with the cosmetology program?

Ms. Najera: I want to expand the program and be able to accept more students in the program. 

CISD is so excited to see where the cosmetology program leads the pirates within it as well as how it grows throughout the years. Thank you so much Ms. Najera for all you do for CISD. Make sure to keep an eye out for different events the cosmetology class holds.

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