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Believing in 2023: A goal of excellence, each other, growth, and the good

Believing in 2023: A goal of excellence, each other, growth, and the good
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As the 2023-24 school year quickly approaches, Crandall ISD eagerly anticipates the limitless possibilities and potential it holds. Embracing the wisdom of Ted Lasso, “In order to be successful, believe that you deserve to be successful,” CISD is committed to the collective mission of care, inspiration, growth, and unwavering belief in the potential of our students and staff. Below are some exciting highlights from our journey, showcasing the progress and development within our school district:

A new leader takes the helm:

Crandall ISD ended the recent school year with Dr. Anjanette Murry’s appointment as the superintendent. Dr. Murry has served in Crandall ISD for the past 12 years, and her prior position as assistant superintendent made her a top candidate to continue the mission and work of Crandall ISD. Her reputation of caring for all earned her a standing ovation at the end-of-year staff celebration. Needless to say, Crandall ISD is grateful to serve under such an inspiring leader.

New facilities unveiled and numerous in the works:

The dedication and support of our community was evident with the passage of the bond last year. This funding has allowed us to continue and advance our mission of creating inspiring environments for our students. Opal Smith Elementary opens its doors this 2023-24 school year, becoming the 6th elementary campus in Crandall ISD. A new state-of-the-art weight room was unveiled and utilized this summer by our athletes to push their physical limits and foster a culture of wellness. Our new Student Services Building that opened in the spring of 2022, has been a central location for families to enroll their child and get information on all the services CISD has to offer. Looking ahead, construction will start this fall for Crandall High School with an addition of more classrooms and increase our building capacity by 500 students. These facilities embody our commitment to providing the best to our students with the continued support of our CISD community.

Strengthening our district with safety & security additions and upgrades:

Safety and security are a top priority in Crandall ISD. With a strategic focus on protecting our students and staff, our Crandall ISD Police Department will have 11 police officers stationed across our nine campuses. These trained professionals serve as our protectors and promote the sense of safety and trust we want our students, staff, and community to feel. Additionally, cutting-edge security enhancements and continuous training of best practices are in place, and more are coming to ensure our focus on students’ academic journey with everyone’s peace of mind.

Soaring student and staff numbers:

Over the past few years, Crandall ISD has added about 700 students a year to our student enrollment numbers. With this rapid growth comes the addition of facilities and the hiring of new teachers and staff to take on our mission. Staff development and continuous training and support are vital to our school district’s success. Teachers and staff have already poured numerous hours of learning and growing into their craft at district professional development sessions this summer. The renewed energy and eagerness to put plans into action is evident across all of our campuses.

Embracing the mission and theme:

At the heart of our school district’s journey lies the collective mission, “Crandall Independent School District will provide each student an exceptional education, in an inspiring environment, with caring people.” The mission statement serves as a compass for our district’s beliefs and direction. This school year, we take on the theme “Believe.” Crandall ISD believes in excellence, each other, growth, and the good. Each nine-week marking period, we will focus on one of the four words to build our culture and support us all in reaching the mission. 

Crandall ISD anticipates the road ahead, and we acknowledge that our journey of progress and growth is a top priority. Together, with the support of dedicated staff, involved parents, and engaged community members, we can reach greater heights of achievement to pave the way for our students' successful future.