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Superintendent Message

Welcome to the 2016-2017 school year. Our theme this year is Pirate Pride and already we have many reasons to be Proud Pirates! Once again our maintenance staff has gone above and beyond to have our schools ready for the opening day. This summer we painted hallways and classrooms, created new classrooms for the additional growth, moved in portable buildings at Walker, and renovated Raynes Educational Center for additional high school classrooms. Also, our field house was renovated to make additional room for our training room as well as dressing quarters for our visiting officials.


Speaking of construction, we are incredibly excited about our new elementary school, located at 2080 Sunnybrook Drive in the Heartland Community. We have a naming committee formed and hope to have a recommendation to the Board of Trustees in December. The school will be open for students for the 2017-2018 school year!


We are excited to see two new collaborative learning areas. These environments are designed using 21st century learning research that fosters creative DIY learning. Exploration, creativity, and innovation are at the heart of the MakerSpace and will be utilized by all students at Middle School and Compass this year. We are also happy to announce the creation of a HVAC/Plumbing class and the expansion of our STEM program including the Criminal Justice class.


Our staff continues to make us PROUD! They have spent two weeks in training, not to mention what they did on their own during the summer, and spent countless hours on their own time preparing their classroom. CISD staff embody our values of character, compassion, and community through home visits. This past week, our middle and elementary staff visited the homes of over 90% of their student population. Imagine, a teacher taking the time to come to your house and welcome you before school even starts! Yes, we are Proud to be a Pirate!


As you can see, the Pirate family continues to grow! We have added over 40 new staff positions and have increased our enrollment by over 250 students, or approximately 7.5%. CISD is expected to double our enrollment of 3,400 students in the next nine years. 


CISD has many ways in which you can be an active participant. We believe in community and school relationships and look forward to serving you and your student! Thank you for your trust and please call if you ever need anything.





Robert Jolly, Ed D.

Dr. Robert Jolly
Superintendent of Schools
Crandall ISD